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Leather Care - Do's and Dont's

Do's and Dont's and a guide on how to look after your leather furniture.

Example of lovely leather sofa (Abraham Corner Unit)


-Dust regularly using a soft lint free cloth
-Vacuum regularly using a soft brush – crumbs and fluff can cause premature wear
-Wipe away liquid spills and stains using a soft moist cloth.


Do not soak the upholstery if it becomes over wet remove excess liquid and allow to dry naturally.
-Do not use household detergents, wax or spray polish or any proprietary brand fluids or abrasive cleaners on the leather as this will damage its surface.

Example of overly wet leather

If the surface of the leather becomes scuffed, scratched, damaged in any way or the surface changes colour then contact a leather specialist for advice and/or repair.

Example of scuffed leather

What is your piece of leather furniture made from?

1) aniline

2 ) semi-aniline

3 ) pull up Pu - imitation leather

4) other

Example of PU leather seat on dining chair

We recommend the use of a proprietary leather cream.

What does leather cream do? Does it feed leather?

Yes, it contains natural oils and waxes to soak in and feed leather. However, only a few leathers actually need feeding. These are unfinished leathers like aniline and pull up. The rest of the leather on the market contains a painted finish and lacquer coating and so cannot be and do not need fed. These leathers need their finish protected - this is what the protection cream does.

Example of leather cream - we recommend products that are of good quality. Other brands are available.


Will leather protection cream damage my leather?

No, it contains no solvents or abrasives or any other chemical that can cause damage to your leather. It has the exact opposite effect: it helps prevent the leather from being damaged.

Does the leather protection cream prevent staining?

It helps repel stains, both oil and water based. Common ones are dye transfer from clothes and juice or tea spills. It will prevent dye being transferred and it will retain other stains on the surface so they can be easily wiped off.

I have a natural (absorbent leather) is it safe to use?

It is excellent on these types of leather: Aniline, Pull Up and oily/waxy pull ups. Two applications are necessary as the first will totally be absorbed by the leather. It will stop the leather from absorbing any stains, which it otherwise would do. It also lubricates the leather fibres preventing them from abrading one another and so will stop your leather from wearing.

Will it make my leather slippery?

No, as long as the directions are followed correctly using the product sparingly it will not make your leather slippery.

Does leather protection cream make my leather shine?

One application will not, it will match the sheen your leather already is. If you want to make your leather shiny, just apply more.

Will it alter the appearance of the leather in anyway?

No. It matches the leathers natural appearance. It will not darken the leather or make it shine.

Can it also be used on imitation leather?

Yes. It can be used on any imitation leather such as vinyl, plastic and PU.

Examples of leather items we stock at Annie Mo's


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