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Let's talk books...

Let’s talk books! You heard me right – books. I love a good book. There is nothing that beats the smell of an antique bookshop and owning hundreds or even thousands of books with the potential of reading them (one day) is not just a fad. These new spur of the moment electronic books may be a great invention when you are out and about, but in all honesty – I do prefer the real thing.

On Sundays I love to grab a book, a comfy blanket and chair and sit by the fire for hours. Nothing beats that – all I need now is a fabulous new bookcase to show off my books! There are hundreds of bookcases to choose from, and I am going to show you some of them…


Where do we start in order to find out what kind of bookcase is 100% right for your home? A few questions should give you a good idea what to look for.

  • What’s your living room like - a modern new built, a Victorian flat with high ceilings, an industrial loft maybe?
  • Do you want a bookcase to house a few selected books or a large home library that takes up a whole wall?
  • Are you looking for a room divider that you can fill with ornaments and books alike?
  • What sort of material do you have in mind – reclaimed wood, steel or metal, mix of metal and wood (industrial style), solid oak or a painted finish?

Here are some great options for your home - pick your favourite and don’t forget to measure your home before ordering.


Check our Pinterest board to see all our bookcases and quirky bookends!

Bookcases for selected books


Wall to wall library style bookcases


Room Dividers


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