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Orby Extending Table


Orby Extending Table

The table Orby with its circular form is the perfect reproduction of the totality and its shape expresses fullness and harmony for all those that love the sharing at the table. This perspective is emphasised when the table is extended because it takes an elliptic form.


Steel table base that can be combined with tops 20-mm thick on a laminboard support with durmast wood folder on the front and rear, and with perimetral solid durmast wood veneer. Available also the Canaletto walnut wood variation. Water based vinyl adhesives or two-component acryl coat.



W: 1250cm ; H: 765cm ( with 1250x1850 )

W:: 1470cm ; H: 765cm ( with 1470x2070 )

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From date of placing order, delivery will take an estimated 10-12 weeks.

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