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Stoccolma Extending Table


Stoccolma Extending Table

 A table with a timeless essential Nordic style, its clean lines are typical of the contemporary design. The whole creation is in solid wood enriched by inserts on the legs and by butterflies inlaid on the top. The details make the perfection, and the perfection is not a detail on a handicraft table.


European solid durmast structure, solid durmast legs 120×120 mm, top 27/25-mm thick. Brushed structure and top. The butterflies inlaid on the top could be more or less evident and they could have different colour tones from each other. This characteristic is not a manufacturing fault, but rather it makes the uniqueness of each creation stand out. Water based vinyl adhesives or two-component acryl coat

Stoccolma comes with veneered metal runners ( leaves ) -25mm thick

The Top cross section of Stoccolma has straight edges.



W: 1350cm ; H: 785cm ( with 1350x2250)

W:: 1600cm ; H: 785cm ( with 1600x2700)

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From date of placing order, delivery will take an estimated 10-12 weeks.

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