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West Fixed Table


West Fixed Table

A feeling of infinity and freedom. This table is beyond any stylistic or linguistic rule. It was inspired by the lightness of a seagull’s wings for an unexpected result in every way


Steel table base that can be combined with solid European durmast or Canaletto walnut wood tabletops 40/45-mm thick with folder on plywood or solid wood, solid European durmast wood tabletops 55/60-mm thick, tabletops 64-mm thick with laminboard or plywood support with smooth or plank-effect durmast wood folder on the front, rear, and perimeter, or oval tops 36-mm thick layer of Laminam glued onto a 30-mm thick, black MDF base. Water based vinyl adhesives or two-component acryl coat.

This table is rectangular in shape and 40mm thick

The Top cross section  comes in Straight edge


H: 775cm

If you have any questions, please use the contact link below to speak to us.


From date of placing order, delivery will take an estimated 10-12 weeks.

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