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Rose Blush 36cm


Rose Blush 36cm

With a strong focus on seasonal flowers our old-fashioned garden-variety roses shout summer. Fat headed and beautiful we make all sorts of painterly arrangements with them. What’s more they’re real touch so not only do they look amazing they feel it too! 



    • Materials: Silk head / resin stem with metal wire (materials will vary depending on flower type)
    • Care instructions: This faux flower can be wiped down with a damp cloth if needed. Flower heads will need be shaken free of dust or blasted with compressed air.
    • To keep your flowers looking fabulous for as long as possible, store away from direct sunlight and moisture to avoid colour fading.
    • This stem is made to the highest standard..
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    From date of placing order, delivery will take an estimated  2-3 working days.


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