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Iper Fixed Table


Iper Fixed Table

A table with a marked versatility, that stands out for its sophisticated simplicity. A hint of industrial chic Design is given by the legs, inspired by the iron beams employed in the heavy carpentry. Possibility to customize it through wood inserts on the legs.


Steel legs that can be combined with solid European durmast or Canaletto walnut wood tabletops 40/45-mm thick with folder on plywood, solid European durmast wood tabletops 55/60 mm thick, tabletops 64-mm thick with laminboard or plywood support with smooth or plank-effect durmast wood folder on the front, rear, and perimeter. Water based vinyl adhesives or two-component acryl coat.

Water based vinyl adhesives or two-component acryl coat

This table is rectangular in shape and 40mm thick

The Top cross section of Double Fixed Table comes in Straight edge, Uneven edge, Slanting edge as per your choice.



H: 760cm

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From date of placing order, delivery will take an estimated 10-12 weeks.

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