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Extension Leaves for the Elements Dining Tables


Extension Leaves for the Elements Dining Tables

We are excited about this new solid oak range that is made in France. The dining tables come in various lengths and widths and there is a choice of four different oak colours as well as two leg choices. The table tops can be "straight" or uneven. If you opt for the uneven edge the uneven profile can be on either on the upper edge or lower edge. 

The oak colours are described as 

Chene Clair A Noueds

Naturel Vieux Bois

Etna (5% more expensive than the first two)

Brule (5% more expensive than the first two)

Wood samples are available to view in the Aberdeen shop.

Please note that extension leaves can be purchased separately and can be either full thickness at 4cm's or a thinner 2cm's. The Elements dining table these leaves are intended for can be found under the Elements range under - Brands - Foret - Elements.

To see the oak colour options for the Elements Collection, the choices are on the fourth row of colour chart. please click here:


Various sizes are available to go with the table width you order.

45cm x 4 x  (90,100,110)

45cm x 2 x (90,100,110)

If you have any questions, please use the contact link below to speak to us.


From date of placing order, delivery will take an estimated 12 weeks. Delivery time can increase by up to one month, due to the factory closure during the national French holiday in August.


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