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YASK own their own forests and use natural German Oak wood from them for all of their products. Each oak tree must be over 250 years old before it can be felled and they will plant another three trees for every one used.Their forests are certified with the German equivalent of FSC approval.

The wood is not clinically refined to imitate the uniformity of veneered or synthetic finishes. No two units are ever the same, due to the natural way this oak is treated, each piece will react differently once it's in your home. Cracks may appear and widen as the wood moves and adjust to its new environment. This is to be celebrated! 

YASK (and Annie Mo's!) are proud of the natural look and feel of these products.

Rather than using stains, YASK wood is finished with 100% natural oils and waxes. The oils and waxes that are used are produced by a German company called Auro that pride themselves on having no harmful ingredients in their products. 

This natural method of using oils and waxes ensures a beautifully random affect which compliments the rustic features of the German Oak. Coloured oil is applied to the wood before it is then kiln-dried in YASK's own Kiln Plant and smoked. YASK recycle waste material to fully power and heat the kilns for drying the lumber. The great thing about YASK having their own Kiln Plants is that they have total control over the drying process and subject the oak to their high quality standards.

All wood has Tannin in it, which reacts with smoke to change the colour of the wood. This is more effective than applying a stain as the smoking process actually changes the colour of the wood. This affords better protection against damage than when a stain is used. Also whereas a stain can obscure the grain, smoking still preserves the natural grain. For this reason, the extra finish oak options cost a little bit more than the standard ones.

With every YASK product purchased, a free introductory oil kit is supplied to keep your wood hydrated and looking its best.  

YASk offer 10 unique finishes:


(Standard Finish)

 NAT Wood is completely untreated and is more suited to those wanting to stain or finish their wood to suit their own requirements.

(Standard Finish)

 YNO Wood is oiled with a colourless oil to enhance and enrich the natural characteristics, grain and colour of German Oak. This is the easiest option to care for.


(Standard Finish)

 Similar to NAT oak, YNA wood is treated with a light water-based wax and as such will be more difficult to look after

(Extra Finish)

 YSW wood has a coloured oil applied to it before the oak is kiln-dried and smoked giving this option a wonderfully unique finish

(Extra Finish)

 YSO has a natural oil applied to it before the oak is kiln-dried and smoked which truly enhances the natural grain and colour of German Oak.

(Extra Finish)

 YWW wood is treated with an oil, impregnated with white pigment to achieve this light, soft look.

(Extra Finish)

 YWL wood is white washed and a wire brush is used to accentuate the wood's grain. A beautiful, soft finish.


(Extra Finish)

A dark oil is applied to YSE wood before it is kiln-dried and smoked to give this beautiful espresso effect. The colour of the oak will vary with this option.

(Extra Finish)

A very dark oil is applied to YSB wood, prior to it being kiln-dried and smoked to achieve this gorgeous rich blacked brown effect.

(Extra Finish)

The newest finish from YASK, YOL wood undergoes many stages
to achieve this unique colour. The wood is smoked, has a special
oil applied to it which is wiped down and finally the wood is wirebrushed. A hardy finish, YOL will not stain easily. 



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