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    YASK Wood - YASK Solid German Oak Furniture | Annie Mo's   YASK Wood - YASK Solid German Oak Furniture | Annie Mo's   YASK Wood - YASK Solid German Oak Furniture | Annie Mo's

The natural oils and waxes used in the making of your furniture are not enough to safeguard your furniture from every day life:

  • Remove every day (food/drink) spills immediately with a damp cloth.
  • Use tablemats and coasts to avoid rings from wet glasses and vases
  • Do not put hot items directly onto the furniture
  • Do not put in direct sunlight

Although your product has been carefully dried and has already been exposed to climate changes it will still work and breathe, and will still absorb and release humidity from its direct surroundings.

  • Avoid too much dry humidity and/or a position close to heating sources or airconditioning else the wood may shrink or warp
  • Avoid too much wet humidity else the wood may expand or bow.
  • The standard humidity of between 30 & 60% ensures longevity.

The furniture is designed and structured to give many years of use in several climates, to expand and contract but we advise the following guidelines:

  • Due to the weight, obtain assistance if assembling (Annie Mo's own delivery men will, of course, assemble furniture upon delivery)
  • Avoid tilting the product on one side or one leg
  • Do not drag the item, always lift before moving
  • Make sure the furniture stands level to ensure smooth opening and closing of doors and drawers
  • Furniture is build for its intended purpose, do not stand on furniture, do not put weight on doors and do not tilt
  • Do not place heavy objects on the furniture
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners or objects

YASK items are supplied with a complimentary care kit with sand paper, a polishing cloth and oil (50ml). For further maintenance we can supply you with oil in 500ml bottles for £60.00. We highly recommend you purchase these.

  • To maintain the soft feeling and natural look, a regular coat of oil once a year should be sufficient
  • Using a dry, lint-free cloth and a small amount of the oil lightly buff the surface of the wood, making sure to follow the grain.
  • In case of small spots or damages, sand the spot slightly (not the entire surface) and polish it with the oil. Follow the directions mentioned in the YASK care kit.
  • Cracks are a part of nature, these may appear and disappear. Do not repair them.
  • Knots are the result of the growth process over many hundreds of years. At YASK, they are celebrated and are part of the design philosophy.
  • Inlay pieces and fillers may be found in holes and knots and are made from the same piece of lumber to create a smooth surface and are a natural part of the YASK design and product.
  • Colour differences are a result of natural variations in the wood, unable to copy but also unable to repair. It is not a defect but rather the charm of nature.

Your product has been handmade by highly motivated and skilled craftsmen. Piece by piece. They have taken careful steps to make sure you will be happy with your product. But if you're unsure, please don't hesitate to call Annie Mo's on 01224 673000 and our members of staff can advise you on how best to proceed.

YASK Wood - YASK Solid German Oak Furniture | Annie Mo's    YASK Wood - YASK Solid German Oak Furniture | Annie Mo's    YASK Wood - YASK Solid German Oak Furniture | Annie Mo's

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