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Unique Wood Two Layer Shelf 43cm

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Unique Wood Two Layer Shelf 43cm

The tray is made in India from recycled wood coming from demolition material. There will be knots, cracks, fissures and splinters in the wood, and the type of wood will vary. This shelf is a really nice way of adding extra, interesting unique storage space to a room - adding texture and individuality.

The blackboard and the cement bowl in the images can be purchased individually. Please note that the bowl in the images is hand made and may vary is style slightly.


W: 25 H: 25 L: 43 - Two Layer Shelf
W: 1 H: 71 L: 40 - Weekly Planner
H: 13 Ø: 13,5 - Cement Bowl

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From date of placing order - delivery is estimated at 2/3 weeks. 

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