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Emmerdale Round Clock 100cm

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Emmerdale Round Clock 100cm This item is currently on backorder, please see description for lead time.

Emmerdale Large Wood and Metal Round Clock 100cm

This round large wood and metal clock sits beautifully in amongst many of our furniture ranges. Please note - this clock is larger than it looks. Please measure your space before ordering. 1000mm diameter is a BIG clock! Do you recognise it from Emmerdale?


Depth: 85mm Dia: 1000mm 

If you have any questions, please use the contact link below to speak to us.



We have spoken to our supplier and these are out of stock until April 2021. Available to pre order. This clocks popularity has totally taken us by surprise and sadly we are  unable to get more before April 2021. The wait is worth it though!


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