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Machair Candle from the West Candle Company


Machair Candle from the West Candle Company

The West Coast of Scotland is a very special part of the world to the West Candle Company and also their heritage here at West Candle Company. It's in their DNA. They love this part of Scotland so much that we've made it their mission to share the essence of these lands with every corner of the world. 

At West Candle Company they know how fast life can move, this inspired them to develop a range of products that help you experience a sense of Hebridean adventure and curiosity, where you can unwind and enjoy the calm and relaxation of the West Coast of Scotland in the comfort of your own home.

They're on a mission to encourage Less Stress, More Peace & Adventure.

Natural soy wax is used to create their candle blends and packaged using recyclable materials such as glass and timber.


Our shipping packaging is also 100% recyclable.


Our 280ml Hebridean Collection range burn for around 50 hours.

West Candle Company candles come with a Candle Care Tips Booklet to help you get the most efficient burn time.

If you have any questions use the contact link below to speak to us or contact either shop.



From date of placing order, delivery will take an estimated 2-3 working days.



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