Annie Mo's | Introducing: The Heritage Industrial Collection

Heritage Industrial Furniture Collection

A new range that Annie Mo's is really excited about, the Heritage Industrial Collection is exactly what we're all about - unique, interesting and a little different. 

Made from reclaimed teak wood that has outlived its initial purpose as railway sleepers, boats, structural beams or floors of old dilapidated buildings which is then expertly restored. 


The teak wood is then combined with matte, black metal giving the range its truly industrial feel. 

Stand Outs:

The Wall Mirror, Wine Rack and Office Desk are amongst our favourites. 


Why You Will Love It

Due to the nature of the wood, and how it is sourced no two items in the range will ever look the same meaning this is a truly original and unique furniture collection. 

The items in this collection are multi-purpose, and can be used in any room in your home. If they outgrow your lounge, they'll look just as good and be just as functional in your home office or dining room. 

Where Can You Find It?

View Online HERE or pop into our Union Street store to have a look at a selection of pieces in the range. Or have a lot look HERE at the full range of Industrial Furniture that Annie Mo's supply. 

The Annie Mo's Team

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