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With the Easter Holidays now in full swing and the weather getting (slightly) warmer, we understand that the last thing any kid wants to do is go furniture shopping. But don't worry, kids can shop here too!
Introducing brothers MojoMaddyfox and Muckaluck. Dressed alike in their matching brown jumpers, this family of monkeys are as cheeky as they come. Maddyfox is the oldest and most troublesome, Muckaluck the middle sibling is always up to no good and Mojo, the youngest, is sure to follow in his elder brothers' footsteps.
These cute monkeys need a loving home where they can get up to as much mischief as possible. Are you up to task?
Moneys - Soft Toys | Annie Mo's
Mr. Wiggles, the elephant, and Miskie the mouse, on the other hand just can't believe how much trouble the Monkey Brother's cause. More interested in cuddles, snuggles and hugs, Mr. Wiggles and Miskie are looking for a home with plenty of these on offer.

Mr Wiggles Elephant - Soft Toys | Annie Mo's  Miskie Mouse - Soft Toys | Annie Mo's
Cold toes? Don't worry Finlay Fox and Darci Donkey are just itching to keep you warm! Between Finlay's whiskers and Darci's fringe, we can't choose who is cuter so you'll have to come in and help us out. 
Finlay Fox - Felt Kids Slippers | Annie Mo's Darcy Donkey - Felt Kids Slippers | Annie Mo's
Of course we couldn't leave Herby out, he's the perfect finishing touch to any kids room. Cute, soft and tactile this hedgehog is begging you to save your pocket money and give him a nice, new home!
Herby Hedgehog - Felt Kids Rugs | Annie Mo's
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